FC Arizona is delighted to announce that our First Team player Ryan Flood has signed for Phoenix Rising.

Dave Rogers, Technical Director said, “It gives me the greatest pleasure and complete delight to share with you all, the fantastic and monumental news of our very own homegrown Arizona native Ryan Flood completing his transfer to our neighbor’s and USL championship winners, Phoenix Rising. Since my arrival at FC Arizona 16 months ago when Jamie Landreman took over the club, we had a vision and a plan to implement programs and structures at all levels of the club to develop and progress our players. Today is a proud moment in this vision as Ryan is living proof that, being in the right environment and dedicating himself to our program and structure he is now one further step up the professional ladder in his career.

Ryan has faced rejection and despair in his early life as a soccer player. Knock after knock and setbacks along the way though his drive and determination have never wavered. His performances and development in our UPSL and NPSL first team have been excellent and consistent over the last couple of seasons. This has all come to fruition today with his contract signing and now becoming a USL Championship player. I’m sure you will all congratulate and enjoy Ryan’s success as much as I and every one of us here at FC Arizona. He is a credit to his family, his club, and the state of Arizona.”

We wish him every success for the future and hope he continues to flourish under the guidance and leadership of Rick Schantz and everyone connected at our successful neighbor’s Phoenix Rising. Best of Luck Ryan, we will support you always.

Flood Phoenix Rising Press Release