Academy Program

How to Prepare Players for Club and Beyond

The FC Arizona and ASA Academy approach accommodates and accepts that younger players still have a lot of learning and growing to do within the game and recognize that putting them in an environment where they would receive more training than matches is more developmentally appropriate. This approach allows us to keep players in larger pools, foster development over winning, and let these young players play freely. We would then play non-results oriented competition against other clubs that would be organized in Academy Play Dates.

Success is a byproduct of player development. There is a saying that without technique there’s no tactics. With the FC Arizona Academy approach, the focus on improving the individual player’s technique will be emphasized because players will be in an environment where they will not have to worry about making a poor decisions or fear of failure during the game.

Young players need t get a “feel” for the game; to learn to play instinctively. Young players will be allowed to show their abilities in an environment in which they will still be playing against competition without the “fear” of losing a game. At the same time young players will learn to make decisions in a game like setting while getting more touches on the ball, thereby improving their technical development.