College Planning

FC Arizona College Plan and Timeline

At FC Arizona, we take our players seriously when they want to commit to playing at a higher level. We offer several components to help players successfully make the move to a college program.

You can use the links below to download our suggested timeline, outlines for reaching out to coaches, and using our partners like College Fit Finder and Top Prospects Videos to put your player on the path toward her or his college dreams.

FC Arizona College Timeline

This PDF will give you guidance on a multi-year plan to get the attention of colleges.

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College Fit Finder

Click the button below to go to College Fit Finder, where our players can form a plan.

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Top Prospects Videos

We have partnered with Top Prospects Videos to give our players the options for individual videos.

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How to Contact College Coaches

Click the button below for a general template to reach out to college coaches.

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How to Follow Up with College Coaches

Click the button below for a template about how to follow up with college coaches.

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What Is College Fit Finder?

Download the PDF below to understand what College Fit Finder can mean for your player.

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8 Steps Toward College Recruitment

Download the PDF below to understand everything you need to do to play soccer in college.

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