Copper Sky Cup Tournament 2020

The Copper Sky Cup offers a fun tournament experience for clubs from all over Arizona

The 2020 Copper Sky Cup Tournament presented by FC Arizona, formerly the Copper Cup will be hosted on professional quality fields at the Copper Sky Complex in Maricopa¬†will be held on the weekend of October 22-24., 2021. Click here¬†or visit the tournament site at to stay up to date on this year’s tournament.

Experience Maricopa

Maricopa is one of the oldest and most historic communities in the state of Arizona. It is hidden in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by mountain ranges that include the beautiful Sierra Estrellas, Palo Verde, Saddleback Mountains and Haley Hills.

Fields and Venues

Come play on the best fields in Arizona. Our fields at Copper Sky Recreational Complex are truly amazing, and no traveling between different sites, we have eight full-size immaculate fields at our facility.