What is Gamefit Soccer?

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Game Fit Soccer is a multifaceted program that aims to create healthy, happy, functional  athletes through the highest level of age appropriate training on the field, while focusing on  developing and improving daily and weekly habits off the field. </span>

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Layering in simple, sustainable daily and weekly habits and incorporating healthy  lifestyle changes is the key to long term success and enjoyment in youth sports. Turns out that is  the same formula for developing healthy adults as well. I realize there is a lot more to it, but  that is a good start.  </span>

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Every player in the club receives individualized training and instruction on a weekly basis  with the primary focus being to improve the quality of movement. Focussing on the quality of  movement, as opposed to focussing on force production, lowers the risk of injury while safely  improving the overall ability as an athlete and soccer player.  </span>

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>All FC Arizona members will receive performance tips via email that are money in the  bank every 1st and 15th of the month. These will focus on giving actionable advise and  information for creating habits to improve athletic performance. Topics focus on Mindset,  Breathing Exercises, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery. </span>

Field Sessions

The in-person sessions will be higher intensity sessions with field training sessions working on high intensity movement skills with fundamental progressions proven to teach players correct technique with a strong foundation of fundamental movement patterns.  Once proper technique can be maintained with minimal error – plyometrics will be introduced to field sessions to begin resistance training.  Movement skill training will always end with 95% or greater efforts progressing from closed-skills (no decisions made) to open-skills (player has to make a decision).  Putting players in realistic playing situations (specificity principle) while under stress (95% physical effort or greater) will maximize the transfer of movement skills to their sport performance.  This is also why we want to have a greater presence of soccer performance because activity specificity and consistency of specific situations and movement patterns are used in those similar situations where the player can also make decisions and have positive or negative responses to those decisions.  So, when they have a positive response to a decision they made because they accomplished the goal of the exercise by making that decision, they will more likely make that decision when put in a game situation (i.e., transfer to sport).


<span lang=”EN”>MHP will be an integral part of each player’s individual performance program.  The difference between a good soccer player and a great soccer player is what they do with the 22 hours of the day they are not playing the game, including additional performance training catered to their needs.  MHP helps each player navigate the time they are off the field to maximize their efforts and optimize their individual player development to accomplish their goals.  Some of these features include: mindset, goal-setting, recovery, sleep, nutrition, hydration, academic schedule, self-reflection, mindfulness, etc.  MHP uses a specific screening protocol to measure the physiological, psychological, and social competencies of each player to build an individual player profile (IDP) to use as a tangible baseline measurement track progression (or) regression of each player.  Based on the progression or regression of each player, the coaching staff can make adjustments as needed to facilitate optimal development of each player.  This information is also valuable for being identified as it will include performance testing.  For example, if a player has a 35-inch vertical jump or runs the 40 in under 4.6 seconds that will jump off the page for any coach that is recruiting your child. </span>