Agility and Stretching for Long-Term Health and Speed

Game Fit Soccer is a multi-faceted program that aims to create healthy, happy, functional athletes through the highest level of age appropriate training on the field, while also developing and improving daily and weekly habits off the field.

By layering in simple, sustainable daily and weekly habits and incorporating healthy lifestyle changes, the program is key to long term success and enjoyment in youth sports. At the same time, it turns out that it is the same formula for developing healthy adults as well.

Performance Payday

All FC Arizona members receive performance tips via TeamSnap email twice a month. These focus on giving actionable advise and information for creating habits to improve performance.

Gear Package

Every player at the U9 level or higher receives a Game Fit package that includes a 12-inch Foam Roller, Yellow Mini-Band, Red Voodoo Wrap, Green Stretch Band, and a Lacrosse Ball.


This age group receives 60-minute sessions focusing on quality of movement, core work, balance, stabilization, strength, plyometrics, and spatial awareness. This is accomplished through fun games, physical challenges, relay races, and elemental movements such as the Bear, Monkey, and Frogger.


This age group receives 60-minute sessions focusing on quality of movement, mobility, injury prevention, and recovery strategies. This is accomplished through mini-band hip strengthening, resistance-band joint distraction, instruction of proper movement patterns and shapes, foam rolling, and breathing techniques.

The Results

We have found that Game Fit has greatly reduced basic muscle and structural injuries that tend to occur over the course of a season. While injuries in soccer can happen due to other factors, our athletes are less likely to miss game time due to basic muscular problems.