Key Documents

Click on the various documents below to get and print PDFs of important documents for registration, concussions, and reporting.

Registration Packet

Print and fill out this PDF to register for Club Level teams in Arizona

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Medical Release

This document covers State of Arizona registration and a medical release form

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Concussion Policy

To play in the State of Arizona, you must sign this document regarding concussions

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Code of Conduct

All parents and players must agree to the State of Arizona Code of Conduct in order to play

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Payment Agreement

You must initial each line and sign to play with the Club

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Foul Language Policy

You must sign this agreement to play in the State of Arizona

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Referee Statement

You must acknowledge this agreement to play in the State

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Financial Assistance

If you need financial aid, the first step is to fill out this packet

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Practice Shirt Sponsorships

Use this form for businesses that want to sponsor your players or teams

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Loan Form

If you need to borrow a player from another Club for tournaments or games, use this form

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State of Arizona Injury Report

Use this document to report player injuries to the State of Arizona

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Concussion - Return to Play Report

File this form with the State of Arizona to qualify to return to play after a concussion

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