FC Arizona Administrative Staff


Jamie Landreman

Jamie owns and runs the Club and handles all soccer-related business decisions as well as partnerships. You can reach him at jamie@fcarizona.com or 480-747-8833.

Technical Director

Dave Rogers

Dave is a UEFA-licensed coach, one of only 4 in the United States, and is the technical director of the Club. You can reach him at dave@fcarizona.com.

Director of Coaching

Ryan Purtell

Ryan is the Director of Coaching and holds a Class A coaching license. Ryan runs the Club program. He can be reached at ryan@fcarizona.com.

Director of Business Operations

Chris Mercer

Chris runs the business side of the Club and trains all of the Club managers. He can be reached at chris@fcarizona.com.

General Manager (Pro Teams)

Andrew Weber

Andrew is the General Manager of the Pro teams and handles business development. He can be reached at andrew.weber@fcarizona.com.

Director of Field Operations (Pro Teams)

Aaron Coloma

Aaron is in charge of all field coordination for our men's and women's pro teams. He can be reached at aaron.coloma@gmail.com.

Field Coordinator

Scott Brittingham

Scott is our field coordinator for Club leagues and games. He can be reached at austinchase1@msn.com.

Director of Recreational Programs

Chris Azanger

Chris runs our seven recreational programs through the Valley. He can be reached at chris.azanger@fcarizona.com.

Director of Operations

Melissa Helmkamp

Melissa is in charge of everything related to Pro Game days and Club operations. She can be reached at Melissa.Helmkamp@fcarizona.com.

Community Relations Director

Jake Ebenhoch

Jake handles all relationships between FC Arizona and our local communities. He can be reached at jake.ebenhoch@fcarizona.com.

Media Director

Aimee Purtell

Aimee handles all social media needs, plus video and photography for the Club. She can be reached at Aimee.Purtell@fcarizona.com.